Goya Juices Shelves of Beverages

We carry unique beverages like Aloe Vera King, Thai Tea, Goya and classic favorites like Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

Continuing on down the shelves of dried goods, towards the left side of the store are our beverages. For the most part, we carry bottled waters, mineral and vitamin waters, coffee drinks, energy drinks, juice, and soda. We have most available in plastic, glass, or aluminum bottles and cans.

We have a wide variety of brands, including many popular ethnic types of drinks. Some well-known brands include: Aloe Vera King drinks (at least 10 flavors), Mexican Jarritos sodas, and Goya juices.

Options unique to Sanwa and few other stores include grass jelly, gallons of mango and citrus punch, soymilk and sugar cane drinks in cans, and lots of coconut juice!

*Specific items in photos, their locations, prices, and descriptions are subject to change*
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