Dairy Coolers Salad Dressing Cooler

Large coolers at the beginning of the store carry dairy, tofu, meats, smaller beverages, etc.

Both coolers on the very right of the store when you come in, contain a large amount of refrigerated goods. The cooler on the right has random items like sausage, garlic, lard, tofu, and noodles.

The coolers straight past the entrance contain the dairy products: whipping cream, half and half, milk, butter, and cheese, etc. To go along with the cheese, it also contains the packaged lunch meats. Finishing off the meal, there’s some cool beverages like iced tea, orange juice, and fruit punch.

As usual, there are definitely some findings unique to Sanwa in this area. For restaurants, buffets, catering companies, and really for anyone who wants to serve food on a larger scale, you can get various gallon salad dressings (still available in smaller portions for individual consumers). Another special finding in the very last cooler are packages of pickled foods. Some interesting options included pickled eggs, pickled pigs feet, and pickled sausage!

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